As a refresher from the last track announcement, you can also reach the track site at www.BuffaloCreekSpeedway.com but a lot of people like a shortcut option,
and BCS is the acronym for Buffalo Creek Speedway, and 19 represents the state highway the track is located on, so BCS19.com  makes for a quick solution –
and as a reminder of what exit to take when you arrive in Canton.

BCS offers a very unique viewing option: the grandstands are set back about 32 feet from the front stretch fence, and there is a secondary four-foot steel post
fence located 10 feet from the grandstand. This will create a ‘standing room viewing area’ the entire length of the front stretch for spectators and visiting race
team members that are in the pit area. It will also serve as an additional walkway for the grandstand area. Between the elevation of the grandstand and the pitch
from the grandstand seating area, those spectators in the standing room area will not block the view from the grandstand seats. And it will keep everyone 22 feet
from the actual front stretch fence – which creates an added level of safety.

Better yet. Prior to many races throughout the season, BCS will have several race team’s cars staged in the frontstretch concourse area for fans to visit about an
hour before nightly racing action. There is a gate right between the two main grandstand sections where fans will be given access to go check out the race cars
and visit with drivers. Typically, that gate will be slated to be open an hour prior to hot laps until about five minutes prior to the drivers pit meeting, so you’ll want to
arrive at BCS early on race nights to take it all in!

Make sure to check the track website or Facebook page prior to traveling on race night, just in case weather intervenes (for example). The schedule may change
from time to time, so make sure to visit this page on occasion for the latest updates. Ticket prices may vary per event. For example, the race dates in white (on
the schedule page) are currently set to be $13 adult general admission, with kids ages 6 to 11 $5. All pit passes for all ages are $30 on those events. The events
in green are currently planned to be $16 adult general admission, while the events in yellow are $18 for adult general admission with $35 pit passes for all ages.

Take advantage of our Family Pack of Tickets! A Family Pack includes (2) adult age tickets (ages 12 - 64) and that includes up to (4) tickets for kids ages 11 and
under for FREE! Family Packs are $26 on regular $13 admission nights, while the 'green' dates are $32 for Family Packs (2 x $16 adult tickets) and $36 on the
'yellow' special events. Ages 65+ and Military are $2 off adult prices (does not apply to Family Pack pricing).

Several special events are a part of the Buffalo Creek Speedway schedule. Highlights include the NCRA 360C.I. Sprint Car Bandits series on the Saturday’s of
May 4, June 1st, July 6th and October 5th. Plus, there are two special events for the Open Wheel Modified division set for Friday May 24th and Friday August
2nd. The Southern Topless Modified Series will be on hand the Saturday’s of June 1st and October 26th.

There are also bigger paying events for the Buffalo Creek Speedway divisions throughout the racing season and are all listed out on the new schedule.

The primary divisions competing regularly at Buffalo Creek Speedway includes the recently announced Texas Stocks; Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks, Winged
A-Class 600’s, Restricted 600’s and Front-Wheel Drive 4-Cylinders. A trio of events are scheduled for the Econo-Limited Modified division. Not all divisions
compete at each event, individual divisions are scheduled as ‘off’ on occasion throughout the season to give teams a break.

There are also some nights throughout the season that the track is scheduled off, again, to give a break to all the teams and track officials. Typically, BCS will be
racing on two Friday’s and one Saturday a month. See the schedule for details.

Buffalo Creek Speedway offers a very strong base purse structure for all regular scheduled events (but note that some nights are higher payback, see event
schedule for nightly details):

Limited Modifieds, Texas Stocks & Factory Stocks (same purse structure, each division): $500 – 300 – 200 – 160 – 120 – 100 – 90 – 80 – 70 – 60…to start.

Econo-Limited Modifieds: $300 – 200 – 160 – 120 – 100 – 80 – 70 – 60 – 50…to start.

Front-Wheel Drive 4-Cylinders: $200 – 160 – 120 – 100 – 80 – 60 – 50 – 40…to start.

Winged A-Class 600’s: $400 – 200 – 160 – 120 – 100 – 80 – 60…to start.

Restricted 600’s: $220 – 160 – 120 – 100 – 80 – 60 – 50 – 40…to start.

Non-qualifiers or non-starters will receive $30 each in all divisions. If a driver chooses to compete in more than one division on the same night, the driver must
purchase an additional pit pass per division entered. On regularly scheduled events, if 11 or fewer cars in a division are signed in, the posted purse structure for
that division on that night will start at 2nd place pay and continue down from that point on in their respective posted purse schedules.

If the races rain out before the completion of the heat races, hold on to your ticket stub, as it will be valid for the next scheduled race and exchanged for the same
dollar ticket price value (in other words, if tickets that night were $15, the next event you will have a $15 credit when you redeem your ticket stub from the
previous event). Regarding pit passes, if the races rain out after the heat races, the event is considered complete, and any remaining races will not be
rescheduled and all drivers will receive their posted start money in their scheduled division that night (for any of the feature events that rained out). If the races
rain out during the heat races, pit passes will be worth dollar-for-dollar credit to the next BCS event. There will be no grandstand tickets valid for a future date if
races are rained out after the completion of heat races.

Typical nightly adult general grandstand admission prices are $13, while special events will be slightly higher ($16-18). See each event’s publicity/event flyer for
specifics as the events draw nearer.

The track Facebook page is also a great resource for the latest information. Click www.facebook.com/Buffalo-Creek-Speedway-1392128777500360 and there
you will find lots of pictures, videos and a variety of other up-to-the-minute track happenings.

Buffalo Creek Speedway is a brand-new venue and track amenities will continue to be built as time moves forward. For now, there will be hot food items, soft
drinks, bottled water, candy; etc. all at very economical prices.

Small outside food and drink coolers are allowed through the grandstand gate for a $5 charge. They cannot contain any glass items. There will be a separate
section in the grandstand for fans of legal age to drink beer/wine coolers that they bring in a small drink cooler. On special events or nights where seating is
limited, small drink coolers must fit under your legs and not take up a seat in the grandstand.

The track is in the process of developing marketing partners with area businesses. Please email Russell Hobbs at info@buffalocreekMX.com and he will get back
to you at once. Several effective and affordable, made-to-order packages are available.

Weather pending, the track plans to open to the public for viewing for the first time during two open practice sessions, scheduled for Sunday March 17th (4pm-
8pm) and Sunday March 24th (4pm-8pm). Those two dates are timed so that racers can test the track during twilight and race night conditions.  Then, Buffalo
Creek Speedway will open soon – as the season kicks off on Friday March 29th, and we look forward to seeing you all there!
Exciting Dirt Track Racing is Coming to Canton Texas in 2019!

Canton, TX (12/25/18) by DarinShort.com. At the epicenter of the 1980's rebirth to the modern Deep Ellum scene in downtown Dallas, Texas, Russell Hobbs has been
at the forefront of it all, by creating, launching and operating businesses such as Theatre Gallery, The Prophet Bar and The Door.  And today, Russell is proud to
announce his latest venture, Buffalo Creek Speedway in Canton, Texas.

Located on Hobbs' existing property containing the Buffalo Creek MX Park, Buffalo Creek Speedway will offer exciting short track racing on the 1/4 mile progressive-
banked dirt oval throughout the upcoming 2019 racing season.

Hobbs comments: “As a kid, my dad would take me to the Old Devil's Bowl Speedway in Dallas for races, and I was hooked for life. I enjoyed every aspect of the
experience, from the on-track action, the crowd and fun food at the concession stand. I've always wanted to build a track where everyone could go enjoy themselves
and their family - as I did in my childhood. I'm excited to see this project develop into reality.”
Buffalo Creek Speedway is located at 10180 State Highway 19 in Canton
and is very easy to get to. Just take the Hwy 19 exit from either
direction off I-20 in Canton, then head north approximately four miles
and the track entrance will be on the west (left)side of the road. It is
also just a short 10-minute drive from the popular First Monday Trade
Days in Canton. From Hwy 80, just go 3 miles south on Hwy 19 and you
will see the track entrance on the west (right side of road).

Several special events are being planned at Buffalo Creek Speedway
on First Monday Trade Days weekends. The track location also
helps explain the website address of
www.BCS19.com , as BCS is the
acronym for Buffalo Creek Speedway, and the 19 refers to the highway
it's located on. The domain name
will also get you to the track website, but most people prefer shorter
domain names – so the option is yours.

In the weeks to come, Buffalo Creek Speedway will announce a
complete schedule of events for the 2019 racing season, but for now,
we can release the following information:

- BCS will be racing on Friday’s with Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks and
Front Wheel Drive 4-Cylinders; with divisions such as 600’s, Street Stocks, Modifieds – and more – to join in throughout the schedule. Those Friday schedule
dates will be posted in the near future.

- In addition to the Friday events, here are six calendar dates that are already set for the 2019 BCS schedule:

Friday, March 29th - Opening Night, featuring Limited Modifieds, Street Stocks, Factory Stocks, FWD 4-Cylinders (again, we are not posting the full Friday
schedule and their divisions right now, and we will have Open Practice events posted in the weeks to come)

Saturday, May 4th – ‘Grand Opening Celebration 25’ featuring the NCRA 360C.I.
Sprint Car Bandits series, plus Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks and FWD 4-

Saturday, June 1st – ‘Summer Shootout 25’ featuring the NCRA 360C.I. Sprint Car Bandits series, Southern Topless Modifieds (STEM) series, plus Limited
Modifieds, Factory Stocks and FWD 4-Cyl.

Saturday, July 6th – ‘Firecracker 25’ featuring the NCRA 360C.I. Sprint Car Bandits series, plus Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks and FWD 4-Cyl.

Saturday, October 5th – ‘Fall Classic 25’ featuring the NCRA 360C.I. Sprint Car Bandits series, plus Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks and FWD 4-Cyl.

Saturday, October 26th – Southern Topless Modifieds (STEM) series, plus Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks and FWD 4-Cyl. (Additional info/divisions TBA.)

Note the 5/4, 6/1, 7/6 and 10/5 dates coincide with First Monday Trade Days weekend, so people attending First Monday can also take in the racing action
those nights at BCS.

We will also be updating the track Facebook page along the way. Please check back over the course of the next few weeks for more details, as they
become available.

Buffalo Creek Speedway is looking forward to providing racers and fans a fun and exciting racing entertainment experience for 2019 and in the years to come!

For now, here are some track construction pictures taken in December 2019. We will let everyone know when they can come out and check out the progress.
Open Practice dates will also be announced.

Pictures from December 2018:
Click on map for much larger viewing size
The New Buffalo Creek Speedway Launches 2019 Schedule & Purse Structures!

Garland, TX (02/12/19) by DarinShort.com. Buffalo Creek Speedway in Canton, Texas is pleased to release their 17-event schedule
for 2019, along with base purse structures for regularly scheduled dirt track racing divisions.

The new Buffalo Creek Speedway (BCS) is a unique 1/4-mile banked red dirt oval which will host racing on five Saturday nights and 12
Friday nights from March 29th through October 26th. The new facility offers obstruction-free viewing from any seat, and true ‘in your
face’ racing action.

Here’s the complete event schedule, as of 02/12/19, in a print-friendly PDF format, just click www.BCS19.com and it is
located on the ‘
schedule’ tab.
Pictures taken in January at a closed test to tweak track configuration and banking prior to the construction of the walls, which is currently underway.
In the weeks following the track test,
the 2nd row of barrier went up and fence
construction continues, with cabling going
up next.

And you can see in this picture the amount
of room between the fence and the stands
for the 'standing room' fence being erected.
The dirt/earth directly below the armco
is also being squared off so it will
essentially be flush with the barrier.
March 24 (4pm-8pm)!

Posted 3/23/19: Open practice is available this Sundy, March
24th from 4pm-8pm for any dirt track racing divisions
(whether we currently have your division scheduled or not) at
the brand new Buffalo Creek Speedway. Come out and see
this one-of-a-kind facility for yourself during our o
! Here's a picture of corner 3 after it was widened
another 12' since last Sunday's practice.

All pit passes on our practice date are $15 (for all ages). The
grandstand will be open (free) but no services will be
available that day.

Note that we intentionally scheduled our practice session at
these time frames so that teams can get more 'race like'
conditions, instead of the daytime - which invariably leads to
dry and dusty conditions.

To save everyone time, please download, print out, fill out
and bring your registration forms to the track with you. BCS
has no sanctioning fees, just a $30 annual car registration
fee (per division).

There are just two forms and they take just a minute to fill
out. Here they are:

2019 BCS Car Registration Form

W-9 Form

At right are a couple of recent track construction pictures for
you to look at. If you click on them they will open up into a
larger viewing size. (Obviously, the track is not groomed for
racing in this picture while construction work is underway.)

Note that there are several projects wrapping up this week at
the speedway and others (such as the announcer/scorer
booth) will be completed by the first night of racing on Friday,
March 29th. But we thought you'd like to see these pics as
construction continues along the way.

The track will continue to build on its amenities and 'punch
list' over the course of time, but for now, we're full speed
ahead for our open practice sessions - and we hope to see
you there!

At right is the new 8.5” x 14” schedule flyers for the track,
which are already printed and will be distributed around the
Canton area in the days to come. Race teams can pick them
up at both Open Practice dates scheduled in March.

>>Just click the flyer images at the right to view full-size.

ICYMI, below are the complete details on the upcoming
racing season – which fires up on Friday, March 29th!
click images for larger view
3/23 9:30AM UPDATE: WE ARE Hosting Open Practice/Registration Sunday March 24th from